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by changing habits of belief

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My Great-Grandfather

Svalbard and my great-grandfathers achievements.
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"Tromsoe By Night"

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The Greatest
the greatest networker

" This book has the power to truly change your life... "

" Uplifting, inspiring and motivating - truly a 'must-read' life-changing book.
Experience it! "

This best-selling, modern classic has inspired millions of people to success in America's fastest-growing industry.

Do not let the title trick you to jump into faulty conclusions or stop you from reading it. It is a very easy-read book on barely 90 pages.

Of course it is about "Networking", "Network Marketing" and a whole lot of other things that naturally belong to that area of business.

But; If you are able to have a completely open and unprejudiced mind while reading this, and - if you are able to "look pass" "Networking" and so on, you will maybe also be able to do yourself some "new" and "lifechanging" discoveries...

About others - yes, definitively! But maybe most importantly;
About yourself!

I found my "life-wisdom-word" in this book, maybe you will find yours?! I am, in any case and by any and all measures, giving this book my upmost best, warmest and highest recommendations. There is hardly any book that has moved me as deep, profoundly and seriously and... Yes, lifechanging as this one!

It can be found here:

So who is "The Greates Networker In The World" ??!!??
Read the book and find out!

PS) There is actually one other "lifechanging" book, but that is, and will for always be only be wisdom for those which who I choose to call: Life's True Friends! ;-)